Jumped Up Games.
We're beadily focused on fun.*

Jumped Up Games is a tiny, agile, software developer founded by Berbank Green and Jonathan Skuse, based in Cambridge, UK. We design and develop games with a focus on pure, unadulterated, fun. Games for anyone to enjoy on any platform. We love exploring freeform, toy-like, design principles that stimulate player's imagination.

We're excited by smart phones, browser gaming, ARGs, set-top boxes, any web-connected platform, social gaming, digital distribution for consoles and everything in-between.

We're currently developing a high profile online educational game as well as a series of iPad products that are not-quite-games-but-sort-of-games. We're obliged to stay quiet about exactly what they are for now, but as soon as we can say anything, we will.

Get in touch: hello@jumpedupgames.com

* and crushing puny humans.